Green Valley Cattle

Thursday, Feb. 14, 2019 • 12:30 PM
At the Ranch • Atkinson, NE

100 yearling/18 month bulls
15 top end heifers
15 commercial yearling heifers


The place we call "home" is in Holt County, Nebraska located sixteen miles southwest of Atkinson. There are no freeways or Wal Marts close by and folks don't usually just drop in on their way through to somewhere else. This is "COW COUNTRY".

Holt County has the third largest population of beef cows in the US outnumbered only by 2 other Nebraska counties. There are about 9.5 cows grazing pastures in Holt County for every 1 resident. Our Sandhill environment of abundant grasslands (generally not suited for crop production) and usually abundant water supplies both from above and below is ideal for converting grass to high protein beef - it's what's for dinner.

We live on third generation Garwood ranchland next to my brother Arden who lives on the home place. Aside from the fact that the valley usually is green, part of the land is located in Green Valley township and that's the reason we call it GREEN VALLEY CATTLE.

I can say with experience and confidence that where we live is a great place to grow up and then raise a family of our own. I am so thankful for having been born into a hard working, generous family that continues to pass on a rich spiritual heritage.